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Vision & Mission


SITM stands to deliver

- High class technocrats and Global Managers
- Academic Excellence and Continuous Innovation


·         Our mission is to create cutting edge managers capable of facing global challenges, both at individual and organizational level.

·         SITM aims to include in students a constant yearning for learning through the combination of academic rigor, contemporary curriculum design, passionate knowledge delivery.

·          The result is a wholesome personality that creates value for organizations even while meeting the challenges of 21st century and bridging the chasm between the haves and the have-nots.

·         Faculty, staff and administrators facilitate the transformational change that is sought to be brought about in the young people who pass through the corridors of SITM.

·          People who walk, the talk make the vital difference at SITM. By personal example, they inspire students as to the virtues of hard work, perseverance and a positive attitude.

Vision & Mission

Vision & MissionVision & Mission

Quality Policy

To be able to contribute to society by producing top-notch managers and engineers. To provide quality education, training & expertise so as to improve the quality of life by improving the capabilities of human resources, thinking process, practice & performance in the engineering and management disciplines, we have chosen. To organize continuous improvement programmes for student and faculty community. To gave more practical exposure to the student so that they can interact with real world.

Objectives of Somany Group of Institutions :

 To make the students realise their true potential and help them deliver their best, through rigorous academic process
 To provide best academic ambience, multi cultural environment and offer multi-disciplinary and emerging areas of study with an aim to develop skilled manpower suiting industry needs.
 To make our Group Institutions the most sought after destination for aspiring students.To make our Group Institutions the most sought after destination for aspiring students.
 To ensure transparent Campus Governance.
 100% Practical Exposure.