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MBA- Finance

Master of Business Administration:

MBA Finance Regular Course 2 years.
The Master Degree in Business Administration is a career oriented course. The course is structured on semester system. Each academic session has two semesters with entire course divided into 4 semesters-The medium of instructions & examinations is compulsorily English. The course is designed not only with the objective of encompassing knowledge of management but also to teach subjects like computer.

An MBA in finance will prepare students for senior level and management jobs in the financial sector, with courses focusing more on management, communications, marketing, business leadership and organizational behavior. Almost all MBA programs require the GMAT or GRE for acceptance.
Finance is an ever-popular discipline, so getting into a top school will require a competitive GMAT score. Average scores for top business schools can be well in excess of 700 (in North America in particular). Since finance programs are looking for the math savvy, most schools are looking for quantitative section numbers in the 40-60 range; Wharton, for example, has an average quant score of 47.

Scopes and Job Opportunities:

  •     Finance Manager.
  •     Financial Analyst.
  •     Personal Financial Advisor.
  •     Budget Analyst.

Syllabus of  MBA  Finance: