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About SITM


People who follow the news in science and engineering are often astonished the first time they see SITM. Unadorned signs mark the borders of a campus that is just half a mile across. Inside gardens, fountains, and café patios fill sunny spaces between historic buildings. The small, park-like campus comes as a surprise, given SITMS’s record of world-changing discoveries and inventions and the luminaries educated here. Behind the gracious old facades and several striking contemporary ones are some of the world’s most advanced laboratories. In addition, faculty and students develop and use facilities around the world. SITMs’ history of achievement stems from the caliber of people who choose to come here and from their ready access to other superb scholars and to cutting-edge facilities. When undergraduates arrive, they have the opportunity sometimes for the first time in their lives to discuss with passion exciting, challenging problems in Introduction science, Math, and Engineering with people who can respond in kind. Many work side by side with faculty in the labs before their first year is out. Together, faculty and students stretch themselves intellectually, moving ahead fast and sometimes leaving whole new fields in their wake. The following pages offer an overview of SITM aims and programs.

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‘Goddess Saraswati’
The SEI believes in the spiritual element of knowledge which resides in Ma Saraswati – the Goddess of Learning. The divine power guides the young potential at SITM and ensures their holistic development.
‘Wheel of Innovation’
There is nothing more enticing, enhancing & enslaving than innovation and the thirst to discover. The wheel symbolizes development and the Somanians adopt this ideology which is evident in its continual growth, apparent in the remarkable achievements and innovation of its students.
‘The Glory of the Rising Sun’
Diligence and perseverance paved the way to success and glory. Technocrats from SITM illuminate their work arenas and tread their path with a focused approach to spread their aura in the techno world.
‘Karma Maketh a Man’
Man becomes just by performing, just actions, temperate by performing temperate actions, and brave by performing brave actions. Hence, deeds shape the future, the belief of Somanians is to imbibe a disciplined approach coupled with hard work and be productive in the most efficient manner.